• Cloud Backup

    Software Knowledge helps home users rely on Google Drive and MS OneDrive. We use Mozy. OneDrive, and Datto for businesses.

  • E-Mail

    Rule #1 - Run Good, Always-On, Virus Protection and make sure it performs daily updates and scans.

  • File Explorer

    You have to feel comfortable using File Explorer.

    This is one of the most important features in Windows. When you understand how to use this program, you'll always be able to find Files...

  • History & Fun Facts

    We all need a laugh from time to time. IT gives us plenty of those.

    Q. What was the original camera program in WIN 1.0 used for by the Microsoft programmers?

    A. To let everyone on the Team...

  • Local Backup

    Sign up for our Monthly Newsletter for an upcoming article on how inexpensive and fast it is. We'll cover the setup of the software and provide you with the Amazon link to purchase the best size...

  • Online Banking

    According to this 2018 article, %73 percent of people use online banking.
    The article also discusses the recent large jump of mobile banking by phone.

    We hope to create...

  • Anti-Virus Training

    Safe Internet Browsing

    One of our most important areas of learning.

    Our 1st article in this area will be How to Setup Windows for a Minor.

  • Virus protection

    For over 7 years, Malwarebytes has been the staple anti-virus and anti-spyware solution we've recommended. We are building a small training course on Viruses, where our reasons are explained....

  • Windows Maintenance

    Windows Maintenance will an anchor course that even advanced users will need refreshers on. Windows 10 comes out with monthly and emergency Security Updates. Microsoft began issuing 2 Major...