The Value of Preventative Maintenance

While on LinkedIn, we came across an interesting firm – Netology, LLC.

Best quote on their home page: “Small businesses are often in the crosshairs because hackers suspect they don’t have the resources to keep the system patched and ready to thwart fraudulent access.” Learn how to keep your business safe from a data breach”  This is one of the premiere services my company offers – preventative maintenance. 

You can read their full article here:

Back in the 90’s, we dismounted & checked the drives in a Novell 3.12 server quarterly, but never downed it for almost three years.  We wanted to see if the “Up Time” counter could display 1000 Days.  It did, and we immediately rebooted. Here’s a Novell server that trashed our record.  Novell was The King in its’ day!

Novell uptime

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