Splashtop: A Better Remote Session Experience

If you’ve been working with us you probably already know that LogMeIn has been our go to staple for remote desktop access to your PC if you needed assistance. This is a perfect way to help our clients as quickly and efficiently as possible. Unfortunately, LogMeIn is extremely costly compared to their competitors who offer the same quality of services and features more or less, if not better. We found that better solution that significantly cut down costs and provides a simplistic approach for remote access. That solution is Splashtop.


So what is Splashtop and how does it work?

Here’s the basic rundown of all the quirks, bells, and whistles:

  • It’s function: remote desktop into PCs.
  • Runs on Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, and Chromebook.
  • It can run on Windows servers and workstations.
  • It’s a few steps of a download and a few clicks of an installation.
  • Just like LogMeIn, it’s active on the desktop 24/7 (so as long the PC remains on.)
  • Boots up with your PC.
  • Uses a desktop program to access the machine in one click.

To be quite honest, the LogMeIn desktop app almost always made it difficult to log in quickly enough to access all our client’s PCs. It would consistently auto-check for updates when launching and could take up to a whole minute just to get things started. It should not have to take that long to use a remote session, especially when said person needs help asap. Obviously there are different situations and scenarios for every problem that persists on the clients side to prevent the remote session from launching as well as the host side of things. This is not the case the majority of the time, and if I had to estimate, I would say 95% of that time there isn’t an issue logging into a remote session no matter what program you use.

Another issue we had with LogMeIn was the ability to save credentials and just log in without having to input the same information on login screens every single time. Some would say that this should not be something to moan about as this provides an extra layer of security, but it makes this unnecessary barrier between us and the client when we need to solve a problem. This is where Splashtop excels at, they have the ability to save that information for the next time we need to remotely access a desktop by a single click.  That single click saves us a plethora of time and it gets the job done. Everyone is happy at the end of the session. LogMeIn does have the same ability to do this, but for some reason it likes to forget any previous inputs.

Splashtop has defientely helped our business exceed at response times for various agendas that people seek us out for. We began the move around mid March to the majority of the firms we service and fresh clients that would love to stay with us for the long haul. Splashtop uses very minimal computing resources on devices to make things even faster for everyone. We are beyond satisfied with their services.

For more information on how it works you can visit their website here. If you would like to get a quote from us for our IT consulting services, feel free to give us a ring or contact us through our various social networking pages.


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