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How to Renew a SBS2011 Server Self-Signed Certificate


How many of you have ever let an Exchange certificate expire?


I did this morning. The situation: 7 users using a SBS2011 server. The 5 PCs in the office got a certificate warning, but after a “Cancel” their Outlook worked fine. The two users outside of the office who relied on HTTP to contact the Mail Server were dead in the water. I should mention that I used a self-signed   certificate on the server.




Since Exchange Server 2007, Microsoft incorporated the exchange management shell; a DOS like atmosphere that allows you to make any modification to the mail server. It’s syntax is very precise.

A quick Google search put me onto a pretty good article in position #3

The first two answers to the poster’s question mentioned the exchange management shell; starting with the “run get-exchange certificate” command. His answer stopped there except for a hard to understand syntax structure to use from there. Luckily, I read down to answer #4.

7 clicks of the mouse later, and my certificate was updated by two years to 2018. The 2 remote users Outlook came to life immediately. I did not even need to down the server or restart any services.

Here are the instructions given by Paul Marsden in the article:

1.) Start the Windows SBS2011 Standard Console
2.) Click on the Network icon in the top bar, then click the Connectivity tab
3.) Wait for the panel in the right to become active and then click on ‘Fix My Network’
4.) Let the wizard search for problems.
5.) One of the problems it should find is the expired certificate.
6.) Clear all the check-boxes except the certificate one and click Next
7.) This will then re-issue a new self signed certificate on the server.

Nine hours later, the Exchange Management Console still showed the certificates as expired. I had one Windows update to do, so I rebooted the server afterwards. Log back in and perform a quick check of the certificate valid to credentials:

Updated Exchange Certificate

This small job signifies the methodology we’ve used in serving the IT needs of Nashville for over 30 years. We have a knack for finding and implementing quick, easy solutions.

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