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Moving Outlook Contacts to a Public Folder

Earlier this month, we wanted to be able to transfer and share our contact information to another Outlook account. Problem is, we didn’t know how to. So we researched a couple days to figure it out. Most articles and forums suggested things we either already knew about or had no answer. We even called Microsoft tech support and they couldn’t even give a clear solution!

But I figured it out! How? By exporting and then opening the .PST contacts file, then moving all the contact information to the folder we wanted. That easy.


Click File on the top left corner of Outlook.


Click Open & Export. Then click on Import/Export.

Export 1

Click on Export to a file and click next.

Export 2

Click Outlook Data File (.pst) and click next.

Export 3

Click on Contacts.

NOTE: If you have subfolders that you want to include in the transfer, make sure to tick the check-box under the selection panel in the window.

Click next to continue.

Export 4

Save the exported file somewhere convenient for you. Usually the default Outlook folder should suffice.

You also have additional options to replace existing exports, allow duplicates, or no exporting duplicate items.

Click finish.

Export 5

Now go back to File and click Open & Export. Click Open Outlook Data File.

Export 1

Choose the file where you saved it. After choosing the file, go to the opened Outlook data file under your personal folders listing on the right. Highlight all the contacts by using the following keyboard shortcut: “ctrl + a”. Then right click anywhere on the highlighted area to move them to the specified Public Contacts Folder.

This article was made with Outlook 2016, but any version of Outlook is basically the same process. If you need further assistance, let us know in the comments section.

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