Malwarebytes is testing Anti-Ransomware Program



Malwarebytes is the number one malware and virus protection program to ever grace this world wide web and the technological industry. We use Malwarebytes on every single system that we use and now this brilliant company has come up with a way to bring the fight to ransomware for everyone!



Still in beta, Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware’s job is to protect your computer system from being held hostage. Popular (sadly) ransom programs like Cryptolocker, Cryptowall, and CTBLocker are some of the few names to be completely protected against when acquired. Ransomware has been around for years but no one has really come up with an easy and effective way to get rid of them until now.


Personally I’ve been using the beta since it was released and honestly can’t really say whether or not it really works because I thankfully do not run into ransomware. I’ve dealt with clients that have had ransomware and the removal process was always super tedious to say the least. The program is pretty bare and it’s probably going to accumulate more settings over time. Oh and if you’re curious as to why this is a completely separate program than the main client you can read as to why here. The last little snippet is their final step:

In the future once MBARW comes out of beta we will roll the technology into our consumer and corporate products so that you won’t have to deal with multiple separate clients.

If you want to give it a go, you can go to their forum here and follow the instructions to download the beta. WARNING: IT IS A BETA WHICH MEANS YOU MAY OR MAY NOT EXPERIENCE ISSUES WITH YOUR PC SO USE WITH CAUTION! They also have this nice little sneak peak video to show how their new product works against existing ransomware attacks.


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