For Parents of Teenagers: Sexting – Fox17 Interview

I saw an Apple comerical last night claiming more pictures are being taken on an iPhone than any other device. Maybe so, but the quality of every Smartphone camera today is incredible. And all Smartphones are connected to the Internet, E-mail and Instant Messaging.

A problem with this technology involves sex. The new word “Sexting” has been created. Webster’s definition? It’s when a woman or young girl takes a nude/semi-nude picture of themself and sends it to a male. The FOX17 story below ran in 2011. A related article appeared in The Tennesean earlier this year that proved what a digital nightmare sexting could be.

[youtube height=”HEIGHT” width=”WIDTH”]Sexting[/youtube]


In The Tennessean story, three boys were arrested for blackmailing multiple high school girls into sending them nude pictures.  The girls had already sent them one picture in order to get the boy to like them.  Then the boys demanded more.  They made threats about doing things like emailing the ones they already had to her parents, distribute them around school, or even put them up on the Internet

The investigation was on-going as to how many girls were being blackmailed the same way.

My main warning in the 2011 FOX17 interview: When a picture gets to the Internet, it will always be there.  It can never be deleted.

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