Facebook Posts – May 2013

May 2

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ~ Albert Einstein

May 3

Fun Fact Friday – In Nov 2012 the Cray XK7, known as Titan, became the world’s fastest computer (bypassing the record of Sequoia, the previous champ.) Titan notched 17.59 petaFLOP/s (floating point operations per second), easily trouncing Sequoia’s mark of 16.32 petaFLOP/s

May 3

Fun Fact Friday –Titan, the world’s fastest super computer resides right here in Tennessee at the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

May 3

Fun Fact Friday – the word “peta” in today’s first Fact is the number One to the 15th power.

Most new PCs come with a 1 terabyte (TB) hard drive. Someday, a petabyte hard drive will hold 1,000 times more data. Who knows when our technology advances to that stage… 7 years?

Adiós Trabajo!

May 7

Thanks to Nashville Computer for sharing this news. I’m sure a lot of our Fans have a MAPCO card… my little sister does.

Hackers breach MAPCO credit card processing machines

May 8

Today officially starts the 31st year Software Knowledge has been in business. Three Decades is a long time. To all of our clients who have put bread on our table, many for over 15 & 20 of those years, we say a sincere Thank You.

To celebrate, we just launched our new website – www.softwareknowledgeinc.com.

We hope to make it a very helpful place.

May 10 near Nashville

Fun Fact Friday – Swiss engineers have designed a plane capable of flying around the world – without burning an ounce of fuel. The solar-powered plane: (Photo courtesy of Solar Impulse)

A Solar-Powered Plane Travels Light

May 10 near Nashville

Fun Fact Friday: If you open up the case of the original Macintosh, you will find 47 signatures; the original members of Apple’s Macintosh division of 1982.

May 16

Love this picture…

So cheap and modern, 70 of these hard drives hold a cd worth.


May 29

Windows 8 Wednesday: Two weeks ago, the 100,000,000th copy of Win8 was sold.

Even with the initial bad press, Win8 is slowly gaining steam. We still like it, especially for its’ speed.

Perhaps the most exciting thing to look forward to regarding Windows 8 is the update 8.1, formerly known as Windows Blue. It is being touted as improving the Win8 user experience considerably. Maybe a touch screen will not be as important in that version.

May 30

Why does my Facebook Chat keep turning itself on?

This started happening to me last week. Turns out it was because I just created a Microsoft Outlook.com account. My Chat settings were right in Facebook, but Chat kept coming on. Frustra…See More


May 31 near Nashville

Fun Fact Friday: When you have logged in to Facebook with a computer, they can track almost everything you do on the Internet as long as Facebook is open in a tab. (Maybe this should be a Scary Fact Friday)

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