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June 14 

Fun Fact Friday: Let Siri Do your Homework!

Siri is integrated with Mathematical knowledge database ‘Wolfram Alpha’, It can solve many mathematical equations as well as expressions. It can also answer geographical and general knowledge questions such as ‘What is the time in USA, Distance between New York and Chicago’ e.t.c.

Top 5 Siri Tricks that can Amaze you

June 14 

Fun Fact Friday: My Sr. Tech is back & I’m going on vacation..

(Hey la, hey la, my Tech is back!)

Welcome Home Dragan! We are all so glad your 5 week trip to Croatia was so enjoyable.

June 14 near Nashville

Fun Fact Friday: A galactic year is 250 million Earth-years. This is the time it takes for our solar system to make one revolution around the Milky Way Galaxy.

June 18 

Quick Tip Tuesday Returns! We’ve had an incredibly busy two months & our Facebook page has been rather bare… now it’s “go time”. Look forward to daily Tuesday Tips again and please don’t hesitate to ask questions. We love to help people.

Quick Tip: simply add one character, like an *, to make your passwords exponentially stronger.

June 18

Quick Tip Tuesday – for our Mac Fans: You guys need to perform updates too! That includes iPhones & iPads.

Every time an Adobe Reader, Flash or Shockwave update comes out (which is about every hour it seems), it applies to the Mac OS also. If you run the Mac version of Microsoft Office; they come out with monthly updates also.

Don’t fall for the mis-conception that you guys can’t get viruses. Over 90% of all viruses these days come from website “drive-by muggings”. What does that term mean? Watch for next week’s Malware Monday post for the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey used to say.

June 19

Men, I suggest you Like this page. It contains great free tips on making great impressions with a proper wardrobe, among other things.

I do believe this about desire….What do you believe? Rock your Wednesday!


June 20

Only a life lived for others is a life worth while ~ Albert Einstein

June 21

Fun Fact Friday: The first coin operated machine was a holy-water dispenser. It was the brainchild of the Greek scientist Hero in the 1st century A.D.

June 21

Fun Fact Friday: 40% of teenagers plan to buy iPhones within the next six months (as long as their parents open their wallets)

June 21

Fun Fact Friday: 91% of current iPhone users will buy an Apple phone as their next device (compared with 76% of android phone owners)

June 22

A new client’s PC had over 5 Internet Toolbars loaded. They asked: “How did they get there?” I updated their Java and showed them. Many free programs ask you to download extra stuff & most people don’t know they don’t have to. In the picture below, simply un-check the “Install the Ask Toolbar…” Java will still install and you don’t get a worthless toolbar that simply takes up space and slows your browser down.


June 24

As we’ve said in an earlier post, over 83 Million Facebook Accounts Are Fake.

Facebook Rolls Out Verified Pages & Profiles


Details: http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2419632,00.asp

June 24 

Malware Monday: The most important thing about your virus protection program is not which one you use… it is that you keep it completely updated. Over 400 new virus come out each day. If your protection is not consistently updated, it is almost worthless.

Our favorite program, Malwarebytes Pro, got a black eye two months ago by issuing a bad update that damaged the Windows operating system of 1000’s of PCs. We’re still sticking with them; nobody is perfect.

Watch for our weekend Nashville.com blog about this fiasco, and updating programs in general.

June 25

Quick Tip Tuesday: Always place your laptop in the floor of your car. Never put it on the passenger seat. If you get in a bad wreck, that 5 pound bag will feel like a brick if it flies in your (or your kids) direction.

June 26 

Win8 Wednesday: We just did a new 8 setup on an ASUS laptop out of the box. Windows updates found 45 critical updates to bring down. Total size = 674mb

Software Knowledge performs Windows Updates before beginning to install any other programs like Adobe Reader, Virus Protection, Office, etc.

Why? We’ve always found PCs are just more stable & reliable if you completely update the OS first. Tune in next week for more ‪#‎Windows8 tips.

June 27 

Thankful Thursday: We’ve often posted about our fantastic clients & want to send a warm welcome to our newest – Custom Window Covering.

This email is from them:

Subject: Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Body: Hi Steve, I am as giddie as a school girl! The difference in a 2 hour visit, has increased our productivity and moral. You also lowered our frustration… I may not completely understand what you did to make us more efficient, but I am eternally grateful. When would you like to schedule your next visit. Thanks and have a fabulous day!

It is so rewarding to be appreciated.

June 28

‪#‎FunFactFriday: It is illegal to hunt camels in the state of Arizona.

June 28

Check out our latest video from The Software Knowledge Company! Happy Friday!


Welcome to The Software Knowledge Co. Inc.!

June 28

‪#‎FunFactFriday: The first iPhone was invented in 1983!

Of course, it wasn’t anything like the rectangular cell phone we know & love today. It was a land line phone with a built-in stylus controlled interface instead of a touch screen. Unfortunately, this marvelous device never saw the light of day.



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