Facebook Posts – July 2013

July 1

‪#‎iTunes Tip: Can’t find the “Add Folder to Library” option in iTunes 11? Press Ctrl-b to turn the menu bar on and off, and you’ll find it under File. You can also press the Alt key to bring the menu bar up.

under File. You can also press the Alt key to bring the menu bar up.

July 6

Small Business Saturday: Did you know that Facebook can shut down your Business Page for running a Contest if you don’t follow their very stick rules?

To run contests on pages, you must use one of their third-party applications so FB can make money. We hate these. You give up so much information to these Apps it’s not funny. Plus, if the App company gets hacked, so do you. Watch for a future post on how dangerous FB Apps can be.

Last: It’s illegal to use the number of likes as a means to reward users. Also, don’t even try rewarding the author of a post with the highest number of comments.

July 6

Tabitha is an incredible artist. Mention Software Knowledge and she’ll extend this offer.




July 8

You can’t get much work done unless your computer is up and running. Catching a virus slows you down; catching the wrong one stops you in your tracks. Are you protected?

Check out The Software Knowledge’s latest video on Anti-Virus 101!


July 9

Quick Tip Tuesday – For our Mac users: Apple just updated their OS to fix 3 critical flaws in the QuickTime player. Make sure to update if your Mac is not set to do it automatically.

July 10

‪#‎Windows8 Wednesday: Maybe it’s just me, but it seems a lot easier to get the “Charms Bar” to pop out from the right-hand side of the screen with a mouse now. It’s always been easy with a touchscreen.

If you’re still having a hard time making it appear with your mouse, you can always just press the Windows key + “C”

Charms is a new Windows feature containing tools such as Search, Share and Settings. It is also the way you log-off, reboot or shutdown (unless you build a shortcut on the Desktop.) We’ll show you how to build a shutdown shortcut next week.

July 12

Fun Fact Friday: The first “modern” computer was built in 1941 by Konrad Zuse in World War 2. He asked for funding from the Germans but was denied because Hitler did not expect the war to last beyond Christmas.

July 12

Fun Fact Friday: Our Newest Fan – #447. He probably watched Ace Reporter O’nya’s last video. Be like Borat and give us a Like too.


July 15

‪#‎Malware Monday – Last week we talked about the increasing importance to get virus protection on your phone & recommended our favorite: the free version of Lookout Mobile Security.

Here’s another nice feature of this free app: Signal Flare. I purposely let my battery drain & got this email from them: “This is a one-time message to tell you about Signal Flare, which gives you the best possible chance of finding your phone or tablet by automatically locating it when your battery is low. Here is where Signal Flare last located your device.”


July 16

Quick Tip Tuesday (re-print of a favorite): “Help! I can’t print from Word 2010 all of a sudden…

I’ve run into this problem 3 times in the last week. Articles say: update drivers, delete the normal.dot file & several other possible fixes. I’ve found one solution that has worked each time. Click the Start button & type winword /a. Word will open & error no longer appears when you try to print something. May not always fix the problem, but it has worked for me.”

We’ve loaded all of our Facebook Posts onto our new website: www.softwareknowledgeinc.com. They are categorized by month, but you can use the Search Website box at the top right of every page to look for tips that might solve your problems. If you can’t find a solution that way, send us a FB message and we’ll gladly try to help.

July 18

“If you disagree with them you may be tempted to interrupt. But don’t. It is dangerous. They won’t pay attention to you while they still have a lot of ideas of their own crying for expression. So listen

patiently and with an open mind.” – Dale Carnegie

July 19

‪#‎FunFact Friday: Until September 14th, 1995, website domain registration was free.

July 19

‪#‎FunFact Friday: One third of U.S. High School students now have iPhones.

July 19

‪#‎FunFact Friday: The official webpage of the US White House is www.whitehouse.gov. If you went to whitehouse.com a couple of years ago, an adult site full of very graphic pictures would come up. Now that website is just full of links to adult sites.

A better situation…, but I still can’t believe the US government hasn’t come up with the cash to buy that domain name. Are we that much in debt?

Adiós trabajo! Nos vemos el próximo lunes

July 22

‪#‎Malware Monday: For our Mac fans… We’ve fought this tricky virus for quite a while on PCs. It keeps changing and protection programs have to be updated daily to catch it effectively. Now a version is targeting Macs. Don’t break out the VISA if you see this FBI message.

FBI Ransomware Now Targeting Apple’s Mac OS X Users | Malwarebytes Unpacked

July 23

‪#‎QuickTip Tuesday: Adobe just came out with an important update to Flash 11. Install it as soon as you can; no reboot needed

Speaking of Flash… we’ve had several problems with it recently in IE9 & 10. If you uncheck the Active X filtering option in the Tools Menu (4th choice), it seems to fix the problem.

July 24

‪#‎Windows7 Wednesday: When you see a gold shield with a black ! inside the Shut Down button, get ready to see a message like the picture below. Two things to know:

1) This generally means there are core updates to the Operating System, and you should take the message seriously. If you lose power during the update, your PC might not start.

2) These updates can take a long time to install. These 5 took over 25 minutes on my laptop, which is a pretty fast PC.


July 25

If A is success in life, then A = x + y + z.

Work is x, Play is y and z is Keeping your Mouth Shut

~ Albert Einstein

July 25

I’ve always said the best hackers in the world come from my homeland…

According to a criminal indictment unsealed today, five men living in Russia and the Ukraine were able to gain access to the computer systems at several companies, including Nasdaq, JCPenney Inc., JetBlue Airways, and Visa Inc. These guys made hundreds of millions in illicit profits from stolen credit-card and identity information.

The alleged scheme ran from 2005 until at least last summer, according to federal prosecutors in New Jersey. More than $300 million was stolen from at least three of the companies. Check your statements friends.

July 26

‪#‎FunFact Friday: The ‘Artists’ icon on an iPhone or iPod touch is a silhouette of Bono, the lead singer for U2.

Back in 2004, Bono and U2 had a very close-knit relationship with Apple & even filmed an iPod commercial. They later formed a partnership with a rival company that makes phones.

Any idea which one?

July 26

‪#‎FunFact Friday: The company U2 left Apple for was Blackberry… Bad move Bono.

Let’s get the weekend started!

July 27

Having trouble updating Adobe Flash in Internet Explorer? We fixed this for someone again yesterday. Un-check “ActiveX Filtering” from the Tools Menu.

Don’t have a Menu? Press your Alt key.

We learned of this fix from the IT head of Martin & Zerfoss, Inc. Thanks DM!


July 29

One of my clients reads his Comcast email account in Outlook. This morning a pop-up box asking for his password appears. Weird; he knows he didn’t change it. He calls & I ask him to just retype the password we know is correct: no dice.

In case this happens to you… So what do we do next? Before spending 3 hours on the phone with Comcast tech support, I ask him to open his browser and go to Comcast.net. Try to login and read your Mail online I say. Surprise! Up pops a message that Comcast saw suspicious activity on his account and automatically changed his password for him. What in the world?!?

This wasn’t a phishing attempt; Comcast actually did this. He was able to reset his password only after they verified he was accessing their website from his modem at his street address. Hey ‪#‎Comcast, how about a phone call next time?

July 30

‪#‎FacebookTip Tuesday: Just read an interesting newsletter from DrHack talking about several recent problems with some FB Apps, so time to review which ones you currently use. Remember, you grant these Apps a ton of permissions into your FB account, including the ability to post as you in some of them. If they get hacked, no telling what might wind up on your Timeline. The picture below shows a new App I don’t remember loading, but it is one I want to keep. I did change the Visibility setting from Friends to Just Me after taking the pic.

How do you check your Apps? Click the circle at the far right of your name at the top of Facebook, then click Account Settings. Click Apps near the bottom of the left Menu to show which Apps you use & click Edit to the far right of their names to modify their settings or delete them altogether.

I’ll never forget the surprised look on my Office Manager’s face when she did this and saw how many Apps were listed (about 70.) Priceless. She never thought she gave any of them permission to do anything.


July 31

‪#‎Windows8 Wednesday: We’re still really liking this OS. Just loaded it on a 3 year old ASUS Mini with an Atom CPU (ie, not very fast) and only 1GB of RAM.

It actually runs very well. Only decision now is whether to spend $39 for 2GB of RAM and see how much the performance increases.

Hard to believe it’s faster than when XP was on it.

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