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You can get a hold of us through many of our social networks as well as good old fashioned email.

Here are some quick tips to help us out understand your situation a bit more:

What is the Model or Serial Number of the Computer you are using? (Dell, HP, Custom, etc.)
What Anti-Virus programs are running? (Malwarebytes, AVG, MSE, etc.)
What kind of network are you on and who is the Internet Service Provider (ISP)? (Home, Office, etc./AT&T, Comcast, Google Fiber, etc.)
What Operating system are you using? (Windows 10, MacOSX El Capitan, Ubuntu 15.10, etc.) (32 or 64 bit?)
Was there any recent hardware or software changes? (Hard Drive replaced, RAM replaced, new Operating System installed, etc.)
Do you have warranty + additional warranty with your manufacturer and/or 3rd party company?
Do you maybe have any existing documentation from a previous tech support company with suggested actions to take?
Are you apart of a Server Domain (Windows Server 2012, SBS, etc.)?

Feel free to email us any or all of the information stated above along with the issue you are experiencing, and/or give us a call so we can discuss it over immediately.

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