5 Stand-Out Characteristics of a Great IT Engineer

Good read; concise and written in layman terms.  A two minute recap of what decision makers must evaluate to load their IT team with winners.  You can’t excel in your industry without excellence in your  IT Department.

Of the 5 tips, I feel “Problem Solving Skills” is the most important.  In my experience, this includes the concept of “coming up with workarounds”.

The key to productivity is keeping the boat afloat.  Give the end user a way to still perform, while your IT team works on the problem of getting things back to normal.

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5 Stand-Out Characteristics of a Great IT Engineer

Information Technology engineers have many responsibilities, including installing hardware and software, maintaining an internet connection, keeping sensitive information secure, resolving IT problems, and instructing employees in proper technology use. Whether you’re looking to expand your staff or narrow down which IT support companies to work with, seek out these five characteristics of a great IT engineer.

Mechanical Aptitude

IT engineers must be able to break down complex mechanical processes into simpler components. It’s how they identify and fix network problems. They are more likely to thrive in their position if they have mechanical aptitude and a strong comprehension of trigonometry and calculus.

Openness and Adaptability

IT support companies are sure to hire engineers who are receptive and open to change, innovation and opportunities to learn more. With the speed at which technology advances these days, IT engineers must be nimble and flexible to keep up with the times.

Problem Solving Skills

This profession calls for the ability to solve inherently complex problems, requiring an analytical mind capable of comprehending all the symptoms of a problem and finding a solution. It also means engineers must have the ability to think outside the box and improvise when needed. Because downtime is a problem all organizations want to avoid, IT engineers must solve these problems quickly and efficiently.

Intrinsic Motivation

If engineers work only for extrinsic rewards such as money and recognition, they’re less likely to succeed when long, irregular hours stretch out before them. When motivated by the chance to learn, grow and extend themselves, IT engineers tend to be more driven to solve a particularly difficult problem.

Leadership and Ownership

Good IT leaders have advanced communication skills, the ability to get along with a team and experience keeping subordinates on track with a project. Likewise, they take ownership until the case is closed, even if other resources are working on a solution. This helps get the customer back on track sooner.

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