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This is our 34th year in business.

We "made our bones on a Trash 80" (Radio Shack TRS-80) in 1982.

About Software Knowledge

Information Technology has made exponential leaps since that monumental day in 1982. The world is so much more productive due to the rise of the personal computer. It would be hard to estimate the true monetary impact the PC has made to the bottom line of business.


Our President Steve Kozy saw the impact in two quick scenarios...


About Steve

Our first client was Textile Converters, the firm owned by Steve's Father. They basically took large rolls of DuPont material and chopped them up into bunches of smaller rolls. Steve learned the BASIC programming language & wrote programs to aid in the mass printing of tickets; a tremendous time saving process.

Steve also computerized the Payroll, AP, AR and GL of this firm. Within two months, he was performing all of these duties in 4 hours per month, down from 16+ hours when his Dad was doing them by hand. These two situations taught him the true potential value of the personal computer before they became popular.

Windows Server Building and Managing


Servers are absolutely essential when it comes to a business that needs to collaborate with people and large amounts of files. A server is perfect for storage, security, and sharing for small and large businesses all around. We currently primarily use Microsoft’s Windows Server 2012 for building new servers, as well as repair, upgrade, and speed up any existing Windows Server you may already have (2003, 2008, etc).

Virus/Malware Infection Scan and Removal


Computers viruses suck. It obstructs work and time. Everyone knows this, everyone hates them...except the bad guys that make them, sadly. We have dealt with thousands of computers with various malware infections, adware, bloat-ware, buggy programs, Trojans and ransom-ware like the infamous Crypto-Locker. When any of this stuff happens to you, you have our full and undivided attention.

Hard Drive Cloning, Rescue, Cleanup and Backups


The Hard Drive is a vital part of your computing needs. After all, it’s the place where all your files are stored. Hard Drives get slower over time and need some tuning to get them running mostly up to speed again. In the event of a Hard Drive failure, we have the tools to recover lost files and things that have been accidentally deleted. Hard Drives can also get very cluttered with extremely unnecessary extra weight. Mozy Pro is our preferred back up system for your important data. Ask us more about Mozy Pro to see if it’s right for you.

Remote Support


You could be a 100 miles away and need our immediate help because you somehow got a nasty virus or you’re experiencing a glitch in your system that doesn’t seem to go away. Remote Desktop, Splashtop, and TeamViewer are on our list of our many tools that we use to alleviate such nuisances. All you have to do is make sure you are connected to a network and we can remotely login into to your PC from any location to solve the problem.

PC Repairs

repair pc

Sometimes a PC can go absolutely nuts. Hardware failure is common, unfortunately. Fear not! For we have the expertise to remove bad hardware and replace parts for you in a timely matter. Whether it's faulty RAM (Random Access Memory), crashing Hard Drives, or a dead power supply, we can look into a replacement for you immediately. We make sure to check on all your hardware for a full diagnostic.

New Operating Systems

Windows logo

So that shiny, brand new operating system just came out and you want to install it. Trouble is, you have no idea how! Maybe you’re to paranoid installing it on the wrong partition, or just feel like you need someone with a much more technical skill to help you out. Not only will we help you install it, but we will also teach how to use the operating system efficiently for whatever you need to accomplish with it.

PC Maintenance


Regular computer maintenance is something that is highly recommended from The Software Knowledge team. This helps companies stay at tip-top shape everyday. Problems can occur at any moment if a PC was to fall behind necessary updates or a PC did a virus scan but never actually removed said viruses. This can cripple small and big businesses. You don’t want a moment to lose when you’re on a crazy deadline of sorts and computers in the office start to lose their minds.

Custom PCs


Say you want to build the next great thing, whether that is a movie, a videogame, or some type of heavy emulation. Problem is, you don't have a PC that can handle what you need. You’ll need a computer rig powerful enough to process all your hard work to get the ball rolling to accomplish your dreams, and we can make that happen. Software Knowledge has the ability to build the perfect custom PC with your budget in mind. Animators, gamers, enthusiasts, overclockers, all welcome.

ECO Friendly


We can recycle your old parts and tech for you. Making sure that you have a hazard free environment for you computers is a routine that is necessary so that you simply stay safe. Cable managing is absolutely mandatory when it comes to setting up a brand new PC or replacing a PC. Can’t have a cluttered work station, tripping over wires should never be an issue. Server rooms need to have a safe environment to work in when it comes to regular maintenance. So having it fully cable managed is a must.

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