‎FunFact‬ Friday

FunFact‬ Friday: 39 of our Facebook Fans are from ‪Croatia‬!

Živjela ova divna zemlja!



We love this fact due to our strongest part-time Sr. Technician, Dragan Tomas, being from Croatia.
Dragan works full-time for our largest client, Holladay Properties, so we are very close. He wrote a very kind recommendation that appears on LinkedIn and this site.

His skill, experience and determination make him an incredible asset to Software Knowledge. I often use Google Translate to send him messages in his native language. The words are right, but the syntax is all wrong he often complains.

Another interesting thing about this small funfact is that my ancestors come from the Ukraine; a country close to Croatia. Dragan is able to read and speak Ukrainian also.

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