One of Nashville's original Technology Consulting & Service firms

Nashville Technology Consulting & Service

Nashville is on fire. Business is booming and we are truly becoming a world class city. We've always believed that the firms with the best IT solutions win in their industry. With so many excellent Nashville technology consulting & service firms to choose from, why should you consider Software Knowledge?


Nashville Technology Consulting & Service

This is our 35th year in business. We take pride in the long-term relationships we’ve built. The vast majority of our clients have been with us between 15 and 30 years and we are incredibly grateful for their support. When you read their recommendations, you'll see many mention that Software Knowledge has been a substantial reason for their success.

We are happy to announce our new partnership with Computer Peripheral Repair ; a company who has been in business as long as us. This union enables our President to concentrate on his specialty: IT consulting.


Nashville Technology Consulting & Service

How do you feel after receiving an invoice from your IT firm that simply says "3 hours of service"  We don't believe in that smoke and mirrors approach. You'll always get extremely detailed reports of our work that doesn't leave you guessing what was performed.

We also love to teach our clients how to perform many tasks themselves if they want to. This allows more of their IT budget to be allocated to the tasks that need our expertise and knowledge.

Our technology consulting services are our greatest strength. We get to know our clients, their current situation, and their future goals. Only after this is a game plan developed and presented to out-perform their competition in the area of Information Technology.



We are the "James Brown" of Nashville technology consulting & service firms. Our President is the hardest working man in the business. One of our favorite clients, Martin & Zerfoss Insurance, can attest to this. We work weekends when needed to keep their employees functional during business hours (at our normal rates I might add.)

One time when their primary server was down, our President worked until 4:00am to get it up before rushing off to BNA to start a vacation. He even remoted in over the Atlantic ocean to perform 5 registry edits that our backup IT vendor didn't know how to do. His laptop was down to 7% power and his fingers were flying.

Relationships, not Sales


Please take a moment to read our client recommendations for more reasons why you should begin a relationship with Software Knowledge. We've made a positive impact in their financial bottom line.

Furthermore, our clients look to us as their one-stop-shop when it comes to IT. If we are not proficient in something they need, it is almost certain we know someone who is.  

Our President offers all new potential clients a free one-hour consultation. He'll get to know your business, and its current IT structure, before offering any options on improvement.